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Out of the Darkness: Conversion Therapist Quits Ex-Gay Movement Southern Poverty Law Center.
He has gone from bisexuality to exclusively gay. Conversion or ex-gay therapy is the harmful and pseudoscientific practice of attempting to make homosexual or bisexual people heterosexual and to keep trans people from affirming the gender with which they identify.
ex-gay Stylebook on LGBTQ issues.
Describes the movement or adherents of a movement, mostly rooted in conservative religions, that aims to change the sexual orientation of gay, lesbian or bisexual people to straight. Use only in quotation marks, and always include the context that the practice is widely discredited in scientific circles.
Straight to Jesus by Tanya Erzen Paperback University of California Press.
Straight to Jesus exposes how the Christian Right attempts to repudiate gay identity and political rights by using the ex-gay movement as evidence that change is possible. Instead, Erzen reveals, the realities of the lives she examines actually undermine this anti-gay strategy.
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Terapie riparative Wikisessualità.
Non ancora recidivi pubblicamente modifica. Michael Glatze ex attivista LGBT. Risorse esterne modifica. Gay Christian Movement Watch Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness Un sito cristiano che promuove terapie riparative, mentre si oppone a qualunque cristiano che fa coming out.
Damares recebe movimento de ex-gays no ministério e promete acolhimento Época. Logo Época. Logo Época.
Mesmo sem ser indagado pela coluna sobre cura gay, o ministério mencionou o assunto.: Em nenhum momento da reunião foi tratada a cura gay, a pauta principal era liberdade de expressão. Dallagnol sobre defesa de Dodge: Decisão que cabe a ela.
Ex-Gay No Way: Survival and Recovery from Religious Abuse Jallen Rix Google Livres.
Bringing to light an extreme fundamentalist Christian view, this insiders perspective offers hope to people grappling with the aftereffects of a cult-like movement often known as Reparative Therapy. The movement assumes that going from gay to straight is easily changeable and change-worthy, despite decades of psycho/sexual research to the contrary.
Dr. Robert Spitzer Renounces Infamous Ex-Gay Study Claiming Some Gays Could Change, says Truth Wins Out.
Spitzer asked for a retraction of his 2001 study, So" I don't' have to worry about it anymore." Spitzer's' research was particularly harmful because he was the only non-socially conservative scientist to produce a study claiming some people could pray" away the gay."
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Une proposition de loi pour interdire les thérapies de conversion a été déposée. INFO TÊTU La députée LREM Laurence Vanceunebrock a déposé ce mercredi 3 juin 2020 une proposition de loi visant à interdire les thérapies de conversion, en progression sur le sol français.
The Straight Line University of Minnesota Press.
How the Religious Right Shaped Lesbian and Gay Activism. South Africa and the Dream of Love to Come Queer Sexuality and the Struggle for Freedom. Gay Rights at the Ballot Box. The Slumbering Masses Sleep, Medicine, and Modern American Life.

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